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XVALA & The Site Unseen's "The Kim Kardashian Party"!

While most of our readers were probably at WonderCon this weekend (or wishing they could be), a short distance away in Los Angeles an entirely different art event was taking place: XVALA's "The Kim Kardashian Party." Organized with The Site Unseen, this exhibition took place on March 17th from 8PM to 11PM. And XVALA, best known for the 'Fear Google' campaign, really took a stab at celebrity culture with this one.
XVALA's work here is all based on pieces of trash he found while dumpster diving in Kim Kardashian's trash bins. Above left is "Slammed & Dunked," a life-size cast made of 'recycled resin' (formulated from some of the Kardashian's garbage) that shows a deflated basketball, making light of Kardashian's recent failed marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. On the above right you can see one of many 'candid photos' of Kim Kardashian — taken from her Instagram account — and printed on recycled aluminum, part of which is also from her trash.
If anybody that was in attendance to this show has pictures, we'd love to do a follow-up piece showing them.

(Information & images courtesy of The Site Unseen.)

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