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Two New Zukie World's Coming To Life...

Spring and Summer are coming early to "Zukie World." First up is "Spring Blossoms" and each one has the adorable Zukie next to a small flower tree that is about to bloom. This cute set is made with Sculpey, Hobby Grass and comes in Pink, Light Green or Light Blue. Each set comes packaged in its own protective case and will cost $60 each. If you would like to pick up a "Spring Blossoms" Zukie set please click HERE.

The second set is "Summer Time" and features the cute little Zukie waiting and reflecting by a little pond. Each "Summer Time" set comes in a protective case and is made with hobby grass, resin and Sculpey. The resin made water sculpt makes this set really stand out too me and my favorite season is summer so what's not to love here? This set comes in 4 different colors, Red, Yellow, Turquoise and White and will cost $70 each. If you would like to pick up a "Summer Time" set please click HERE.

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