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SEISMIC ACE is back!!!!

Re-released through DKE Toys, Ace is being sold to stores all over the USA and Mattyboombatty from Smash Tokyo Toys is practically giving it away to ensure it gets to people's toy collections. Nows your chance to finally own this awesome 9" magnetic drill warrior for at least 50% off it's original price. Matty says: "We have a new set of mini figs coming out later this year in Japan with Velocitron and there will be a new Ace and another figure called SEISMIC KING in that line so it's good that Seismic Ace isn't just sitting in a warehouse somewhere on the other side of the world and with the Beartank mini Qee suddenly selling like guns, things are great right now for Smash Tokyo." With SDCC coming up, STT will probably do a regular run of freebies... like postcards, stickers, badges and magnet packs to get ready for their big release later on. Get ready, it's going to go large!

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