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*Review* Unboxing and opening of Suckadelic Suckpax 'Series 3' trading card packs

Alright folks... seeing as the Super Sucklord has a big event at Munky King this Friday... I found it only fitting to post up the LIVE review we did with his latest and greatest Suckpax 'Series 3' trading card packs... and thanks to Benny over at Tenacious Toys, I got ahold of a few packs and opened them up LIVE on camera with tons of folks watching and interacting... oh, and needless to say, you definitely get what you pay for with these old school wax-pack trading cards!!!

We mention all of this info in the video above, but if you are impatient and don't want to watch the unboxing... SUCKPAX 3, the final episode in The SUCKLORD trading card trilogy features all new artist-designed limited edition art cards! Each box includes 24 packs of cards (7 per pack), at least 2 original art cards, a Sucklord sketch card, 4 stickers, 4 lenticular puzzle pieces, full set base cards, chase cards, mystery cards, 1 scratch-n-sniff OR silicone mold artifact card, Sucklord signature card, and altered vintage cards! Well, if you watch the video you can see we pulled some good ones... and this set is chalked full of surprises! Like mentioned above, we got our packs from Tenacious Toys, and you can too for just $5 a piece HERE.

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