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Matt JOnes's 1UP2P unveals new Bubble Bobble "Hurry Up!!" T-Shirt!

For fans of classic 8-bit gaming, you probably recall the fantastic Bubble Bobble. And, assuming you do, you remember how the words "Hurry Up!!" would flash if you exceeded the time limit on a level and then the invincible Skel-Monsta (also known as Baron von Blubba) would hunt you down. Well, Matt JOnes (of Lunartik fame) certainly recalls this as the "Hurry Up!!" T-Shirt from his new 1UP2P enterprise well proves. Set to be released at the end of March, these black cotton shirts will be available in every size from S(mall) to XXL(arge) for Men and S(mall) to (L)arge for Women. Each one comes with a free "Extend" button and will set you back £17.99 (approx. $28US). They are up for pre-order now HERE, so… Hurry Up!!

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