Massive Collection of Hernandez AP's and Huck Dunnys STOLEN

This is a sad day.... Long time collector and awesome KR boardie Moss420 had the unimaginable happen... his house was broken into and the only thing they took was huge collection of vinyl. This wasn't just any collection... it included almost every Jesse Hernandez production toy A/P, all of which were numbered 6, and almost every Huck 3" production dunny as well as countless other pieces that took him over 5 years to track down. Especially since much of this collection was numbered 6, we're asking people to keep an eye out for these pieces, and if anyone thinks they've seen one or might have any information, please e-mail Moss here or hit up his thread on the KR forum. Our hearts go out to Moss... first and foremost we are glad he and his family are safe but hope these vinyl thieves can be put to justice. Click the jump for the entire list of things that were taken and a few detailed pics of what to look for, but be prepared to get just a little sadder. 

1. 8" Jesse Hernandez yellow jaguar dunny
2. 8" Jesse Hernandez black jaguar dunny chase
3. Jesse Hernandez Ozomahtli Original Number 6 AP
4. Jesse Hernandez Ozomahtli Jungle Number 6 AP
5. Jesse Hernandez Ozomahtli fuego Number 6 AP
6. Jesse Hernandez Ozomahtli shadow Number 6 AP
7. Jesse Hernandez Ozomahtli obsidian Number 6 AP
8. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Original Version Number 6 AP
9. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Southern Version Number 6 AP
10. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Obsidian Version Number 6 AP
11. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Peyote Version  Number 6 AP
12. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Jungle Version  Number 6 AP
13. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Shadow version Number 6 AP
14. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Gold Chase Version Number 6 AP
15. Jesse Hernandez Mictlan Production Blank
16. Jesse Hernandez El Bandito Muerto Number 6 AP
17. Huck Gee Akuma bomb red
18. Huck Gee Akuma bomb grey
19. Huck Gee circus punk panties on
20. Huck Gee circus punk panties off
21. Huck Gee 8" Hello I'm insane dunny
22. Huck Gee 8" Don Yoku dunny
23. Huck Gee 8" red raku dunny night version
24. Huck Gee 8" red raku dunny day version
25. Huck Gee 8" black raku dunny night version Number 6 AP
26. Huck Gee 8" black raku dunny day verion Number 6 AP
27. Huck Gee 6.5" red skullhead number 6 AP
28. Huck Gee 6.5" GID skullhead number 6 AP
29. Huck Gee the good kidrobot mascot
30. Huck Gee the bad kidrobot mascot
31. Huck Gee the ugly kidrobot mascot
32. Huck Gee white ninja kidrobot mascot
33. Huck Gee grey ninja kidrobot mascot
34. Huck Gee sharky
35. Huck Gee series 1 dunny
36. Huck Gee series 2 dunny
37. Huck Gee series 3 dunny
38. Huck Gee series 3 dunny blue exclusive
39. Huck Gee series 4 skullhead yellow dunny
40. Huck Gee series 4 skullhead red dunny
41. Huck Gee series 4 skullhead blue dunny exclusive
42. Huck Gee series 5 golden grandpa GT
43. Huck Gee 2009 flying ninja dunny
44. Huck Gee 2010 zombie hunter
45. Huck Gee 2010 zombie purple
46. Huck Gee 2010 zombie yellow
47. Huck Gee DJ Qbert white hat
48. Alex Pardee Walrus Rider
49. 10" green kidrobot labbit
50. 18" kidrobot teal munny figure
51. 8" kidrobot supermagical dunny
52. kidrobot black lilitu figure
53. 8" Ron English x ray dunny
54. 8" pink gloomy dunny
55. 8" Tim Tsui space monkey dunny
56. 8" yellow saner Mictlantecuhtl​i and xolotl 3" dunny
57. 8" amanda Visell wood dunny
58. 8" Joe ledbetter tiger dunny
59. 8" skwak gold dunny
60. 8" skwak black dunny
61. 8" Luke Chueh blood and fuzz dunny
62. Luke Chueh black in white bunny
63. Luke Chueh black in white and red all over bunny
64. huck gee wooden barrel man figure
65. huck gee yoka glow in the dark
66. huck gee yoka regular
67. 6 inch monger clam
68. 6 inch monger banana
69. 6 inch monger granade
70. 6 inch monger booger
71.6 inch monger magistrate

Please e-mail Moss here if you have any information regarding these toys.

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