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Luke Chueh & Pretty in Plastic's take on Nathan Hamill's Bellicose Bunny!

A while back we reported that Luke Chueh was working with Pretty in Plastic to build a Bellicose Bunny custom, supposedly for Nathan Hamill's "Bellicosity" show at the Toy Art Gallery. Since then it has been confirmed that this piece is for that exhibit and Chueh has shared some updated teaser pics (above). I absolutely love the concept, that the wide-eyes are the result of a carrot being stuck up the poor bunny's bum. But — and that's a big, pun-intended but — this is probably a base coat paint job, which means we can't get a true feel of the finished piece quite yet. Still love the twisted idea, though.

The artists listed on the flyer are: A Little Stranger, Ardabus Rubber, Ayleen Gaspar, Mikie Graham of Blamo!, Bob Conge aka Plaseebo, Brandon Griffith, Brent Nolasco, Carson Catlin, Cris Rose, D-Lux, George Gaspar, Gris Grimly, J★RYU, Jeremiah Ketner, Jermaine Rogers, JESTER, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Mayhem, Julie B., Julie West, KMNDZ, Lash, Leecifer, Luke Chueh, Martin Hsu, Miss Mindy, Nebulon5, Okedoki, OsiRisORion, Peap, Ragnar, Rohby, Rsin, Scott Tolleson, John "Spanky" Stokes, Steve Talkowski, Southerndrawl, TaskOne, Todd Robertson, Tomi Monstre, Touma, Toybot Studios, and valleyDweller. Though not listed on the flyer, we've heard that Chauskoskis and Shojono Tomo will be in the show as well.

"Bellicosity: The Bellicose Bunny Group Custom Show" will open on March 23rd and run through April 6th at the Toy Art Gallery (TAG), 7571 Melrose Ave. (corner of Melrose & Curson) Los Angeles, CA, 90046.

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