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Hippity-hop, hippity-hop… Motorbot's Meatster Bunnies are coming to town!

"Mommy, what's this thing in my Easter basket?" the small child inquired. "Oh dear, that's a Meatster Bunny!" the mother replied. "Awesome," the child proclaimed. And that kid wouldn't be wrong. Taking his iconic Meathead design and adding bunny rabbit ears to it, Motorbot has created a timely holiday beastie for all boys and girls (and men and women too). Standing 3.5"-tall, these resin cast wonders each contain an Easter themed treat (or two) locked inside them…
Aside from the obvious color variations, we're told there will be some pearl colored, some glow-in-the-darks, and even some solid ones (for those that don't like the embedded item look, I'm guessing). Each figure is hand-cast and hand-painted by Motorbot himself. And all for the exceedingly reasonable price of $20 a piece… These will start appearing in his online store tonight (around 8PM CST) but they are sure to go fast. In order to give his fans a fair chance, Motorbot is going to release them in waves through Sunday, sending the message "Hippity Hop" out on his Twitter feed when more are put in the store… so I'd start following him in order to avoid disappointment, if I was you…

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