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Flashback File: Jay222's Skratchy Seal Robot for ThudRumble!

In an industry where so much is constantly happening, it's easy to look at the next thing and forget the last thing… Well, Jay222 noted that we never wrote up his Skratchy Seal Robot sculpt from two years ago and we're only too happy to rectify this oversight. It all started with ThudRumble co-founder DJ Q-Bert contacting Jay222 about creating a piece for the back of the "Skratchy Seal + Traktor Scratch" vinyl album cover… and it ended with the birth of the above pictured creation. With pride, Jay222 boasts that this sculpt was made without the use of any vinyl platform as a base and — in fact — everything on this guy was hand-sculpted with the minor exception of a computer board located in his chest.

Is it the smoothest, most perfect piece ever? No, Jay222 was still honing his craft. But it is an impressive feat, building something that intricate from scratch. And I do love the turntable affixed to his back. In the end, it's a fun little insight into the customizer to come. And, of course, Jay222 got to add this to his resume:
He tells us that the original plan was to have a contest wherein one person who bought the record would get the figure as a prize, but — alas — the piece was irreparably damaged. Unfortunate.

Check out Jay222's website and view for yourself how his talent has evolved!

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