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Customized "Killer" Cups... and why not?!?!?!

Richard O'Connor - an artist from Dublin, Ireland - just sent over an interesting email showing off a small collection of "Killer" Cups that he created... and they are exactly as they sound! It's a strange and colorful collection of mad characters hand made from soda cans, paint tins, and paper cups... all of which can be found via his website HERE ranging in price from $6-$26 depending on the size and material. This is definitely a fun way to reduce/reuse/recycle, and I really do like the quirky faces on each of them... that being said, I feel like there needs to be more to them to be charging the money he is... that and the cost of shipping these will probably be more than the piece itself. I would actually fancy seeing Richard work on some vinyl as I believe his characters would transfer over nicely. In the meantime, head on over to his site HERE and check out all that he has to offer, and if you dig his work... support him by buying it.

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