UNKL x Spongebob... yes, this may actually happen!

You may all remember our post HERE back around the time when SDCC 2011 was going on... and we noticed at the Toynami x UNKL booth a familiar face being transposed onto a familar shape! Well, it looks like all the red tape has been cleared, license approval has happened and UNKL got the rights to create a whole mini-series of Spongebob Unipo's... and oh how sweet they are! What amazes me is how great the Unipo shape transfers over to each of these characters, and other than the photo above all we know is that according to UNKL and I quote " First look at actual samples for our SpongeBob/UniPo project. Gettin' closer to a reality." I personally can't wait to see that GIANT Unipo, but until more info/images are released... we get to marinate on the above image!

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