"Timber" custom Dunny by Hugh Rose

Yowza, UK based artist Hugh Rose does it again... and by does it I mean he slayed yet another custom! This go around he tackled the uber popular 3" Chuckboy Cyborg Dunny from the 2-Tone series... on a side note, this Dunny may just be the most popular Dunny out there to be customized. Titled "Timber", Hugh tells us that it was a commission by a guy who has a large collection of custom Chuckboy Cyborgs (20+ artists!), and according to Hugh, this collector liked it so much he has commissioned him to do another... RAD! I really dig all the small little details that Hugh puts into all his pieces, and the added typographic element in this one is extremely cool!

Here's the backstory of "Timber":
"Timber is a clumsy lumberjack. So clumsy that he has, over the years, accidentally hacked off all but one of his own limbs. Luckily there is lots off wood lying around to make repairs..."

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