THARP's Tharpedoes are here! Or, at least, Series 1 is!

After being busy with the day-to-day grind of things, THARP takes a break to unwind… with his paints. He's created a new thing with his "Tharpedoes" (pictured above); I hate using the word thing as it lacks any descriptive power, but Tharpedoes are simply "small smile bombs" made by THARP. This first series is limited to 6 pieces, each one being a 2" wooden ball affixed to a 2" wooden block, all hand-painted/doodled upon — the doodle wrapping around the entire block and each ball painted with a face on the front & another on the back. I love the slick line work and simple premise, but these little balls of happiness will set you back only $45 each… though they are wonderfully named after the main color of the piece: BLK, BLU, PINK, ORA, GREN, and PURP. If these 'Happy Fun Balls' move you, then shoot on over to THARP's web store and grab one… because Tharpedoes Series 2 might have a completely different design concept to it! Just warnin'!

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