Kidrobot releases 2 new "Mascot" figures... with customizers in mind?!?!

So... it looks like the folks over at Kidrobot decided to take the simplistic approach to their latest "Mascot" release, and by simplistic... I mean really simple, as in just changing the vinyl color on a few parts, giving them basic Munny-styled accessories, and pushing them out the door. That being said these are set to retail for only $30 a pop... making them somewhat sought after for those customizers out there. The first of the 2 figures being released is called "KidNeutron" and features sleek colors with a ray gun in hand.

The second release is being called "KidRoyale" and features an all black body with blue kicks and he comes with a rattle can in hand! Both figures will be available beginning February 23, and will retail for $29.95! Look for them at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com and select retailers worldwide! Now, even though these are simple... I kinda dig the color combos and the clean simplistic look... am I the only one?

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