The Boneyard Project

Get me a Ticket to Arizona!!! I am envious of all those who get to witness what is The Boneyard Project. Just to name a few of those participating: Retna, Faile, Tristan Eaton, Saner and How & Nosm. This was the brain child of Eric Firestone, and organized with curator Carlo Mccormick. Jolly good chaps.

Also on display is previous work from Eric Firestone Gallery’s Nose Job show that took place last year featuring artists such as Aiko, Bast, Crash, Daze, El Mac, Ron English, Daniel Diaz, Shepard Fairey, Futura, Erik Foss, Ryan Wallace, Judith Supine, El Mac, Tara Mcpherson, Richard Prince, Lee Quinones, Dan Colen, Kenny Scharf, and many more.

Source [Juxtapoz Magazine] Images[LostAtEMinor]

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