12" resin "Mutant Bunny" figures by Joe Ledbetter- Round #3 revealed... and looking good!!!

A triple dose of Joe Ledbetter today makes the world go round, and just when you thought the full reveal of Joe's latest iteration of his Pretty in Plastic produced "Mutant Bunny" resin hand-paints! It was just posted HERE earlier today, a quick little teaser... and now we have the full reveal thanks to J.ME! This massive set of 5, 12" tall, statue like figures, is Joe's 3rd release and for this go around he gives us: "Leopard", "Pirate", "Yosupsup", "Zombie", and "Space Mutant"... all of which look amazing! Joe is planing on hand-painting 40 of these, all of which will be released via his webstore HERE for around $1500 each! This is a great opportunity to get a 1-off piece of artwork from Mr. Ledbetter... a seriously cool piece of art at that! Keep your eyes peeled on Joe's site HERE as he will upload new Bunnies once he has them completed!

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