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Huck Gee's "Warhog & Hog Master" custom set

Last week we posted up an awesome commission piece HERE by Huck Gee titled the "Octo Samurai" & "Sushi Chef"... well the same collector, Toronto based johnnyvinyl, who had commissioned Huck to do those same pieces has just revealed a new set of customs... of EPIC proportions I might add. Introducing "Warhog" & "Hog Master"... and holy crap are these rad! According to johnnyvinyl, the "Warhog" is a completely new and original sculpt, and he mentions that it is has been lurking in Huck's sketchbook for a long time now... looking to get out... and this design/concept actually predates his turret elephant sculpts that were part of his 11/10 show! Also to mention is the use of the 'smiley face' logo on the side of the hog and on the back of the "Hog Master's" jacket... johnnyvinyl says that "Huck has a talent of conveying so much with so few strokes, just by simply extending the smile of the typical smiley face past the outline of the face, he's captured the characteristic underbite of a warthog" ... and if you look closely the nose of the warthog and the underbite actually forms the face... really cool! So what's next... time will tell... and I can't wait to see what Huck has up his sleeve for this commission of GRANDeur!

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