"Robotone" Sprogs... a new color every month!

UK based artist Cris Rose is kicking 2012 off in high gear as we see the release of a brand new line of very familiar figures. Dubbed the "Robotone" Sprog's, this series of 13 bright colored resin robots are going to be released every month this year, and with each new month, bring s a brand new color! Now, you can have your choice of either "Renold" or "Rourke"... both of which will be just $25 each. Now, if you are keen to pick these up, the first color is dropping Saturday, January 7th 2012 HERE at 12 Noon PST and will be that striking "January Blue" you see above!

But wait, why are there 13... well if you collect all 12 colors of the same bot, Cris will send you the 13th for free... AWESOME! When you put all 12 together, they make a rainbow - just send Cris a photo of your Robotone Rainbow in November and he will pop special No13 in with your order for No12. Remember, it must be all 12 of either "Renold" or "Rourke" to qualify. Each Robotone Sprog is hand-made, hand-cast, hand-poured, solid colored resin, and comes with a numbered header card and bag. Release order will not be chromalogical, but chosen to reflect the month. Oh, and since these are all hand-made and limited, you probably should sign up for Cris' newsletter to get a much needed 24 hour jump on the rest of the global population :-)

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