Paul Kaiju announces his January releases... Yowza!

Paul Kaiju just updated his website with some AMAZING news as he has a whole pile of fresh customized vinyl to release... this Saturday, January 14th in fact! Oh, what can you expect you may be wondering... well first up it that beautiful multicolored Salamander Joe dubbed “Poison Touch” who will be released in a 24 hour lottery form, this will go online at 12 Noon PST. He will also have a ton of "limited amount” items that will appear in his shop this Saturday at an undisclosed time, which will include: "Red Eye” Boss Carrion and “Swamp Gas” Seagool... there will also be some great Boss Carrion one-off's including: "Glow Polar", "Hot Schnapps", "Bogart", "Victorian", and "Dr. Martini"... so the moral of this story, sit around your computer all day long pressing that F5 key in hopes of snaggin up all this delicious vinyl!

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