"The Navigator" Wind-Up 8" Dunny by Hugh Rose

UK based artist Hugh Rose has got yet another fantastic commission piece finished up and this go around it was on the 8" Dunny platform... oh, and just like all his previous custom pieces, this one is AMAZING! Titled "The Navigator" Hugh tells us that he "is a mysterious fisherman who can sometimes be seen fishing off the coast of Guernsey, my island home. His knowledge of the treacherous local reefs and submerged rocks is unrivaled, and he has been fishing for so long that his beard is woven into a fishing net. The fish he has caught in his beard is a fully functional wind-up toy, although it looks like his swimming days are over!" This also according to Hugh is a culmination of a life long fascination of this very subject as he remembers first creating him as a 7 year old child using chalk... which by the way can be seen HERE. I am utterly fascinated with the amount of detail that Hugh puts into each of his pieces, and this latest one turned out fantastic!

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