JFury brings his brand of humor to four new customs

JFury, possibly best known for his custom Jus-Clownin' series, has just delivered to our mailbox sneak peaks of his newest batch of painted goodness. All mods of the popular 3" Dunny platform, these show Justin P. (aka JFury) expanding his normal repertoire while still remaining true to his origins. For instance, the ninja custom is really a clown in disguise with the JFury trademark balloons on his ears. And the remaining three are a much larger departure: a malevolently grinning angel, a stoic grim reaper, and — my personal favorite — a green rabbit with fire for a tail. In terms of an update, JFury's "JuJu the Witch Clown" custom is going to be on display and for sale at Kidrobot NY shortly. This is one guy to watch, for sure. (In fact, you can watch him on Facebook and Twitter.)

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