Get your fix of Rampage Toys this week!!!

Jon M. of Rampage Toys has some special news about a few releases happening this week, and both of which are collaborations with some super talented artists. First up is a batch of "Ugly Unicorns" customized by Blurble who did them up in a colorway he is calling the "Pretty Ugly Unicorns" that were painted using all sorts of color change and metallic paints from Monster Kolor! These will be available HERE this Thursday at 12 Noon PST.

Up next is a very special run of Splurrt's customized Cadaver Kids by Jon M. of Rampage Toys in a colorway he is calling the "Guardian Daemon Cadaver Kids"!!! This is a run of 10 Cadaver Kids, painted with a brain-melting araay of sprays and brush work... all of which look amazing, and may just be my favorite colorway of this great looking figure! They are set to release HERE on Thursday night EST!

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