"Destroy" custom resin Pharaoh Hound by Emily Bee

Artist Emily Bee has been kinda quiet on the custom front as of recently, but she just busted back in with the above custom resin ‘Pharaoh Hound’ sculpted by Eric of Argonaut Resins. This piece titled "Destroy" is entirely painted by hand, however Emily left sections on his body showing off the original pink resin base. According to Emily "The idea behind ‘Destroy’ is that we all have the ability to destroy and break a connection we have with someone else, regardless if we still feel strong love and passion for them. It is easier to destroy than to create." I really love all the harsh tribal patterns and clean line work... and how can you avoid such amazing vibrant colors?!?! This custom will be available for purchase HERE on Thursday, January 19th at 3pm EST... and there is only 1 of them, so you best be quick!

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