FUGI.me - Limited Edition litho prints

Are you looking for limited edition artist prints with the utmost quality in design and production... well, look no further because FUGI.me is here! FUGI.me is an acronym and it stands for 'Fine Under-Ground Images'... which is exactly what you will be getting! In the first release, FUGI.me will be releasing 3 prints... all of which are crafted by some of the best in the industry including Sneaky Raccoon, Triclops Studio and Jon Paul Kaiser. Along with those releases, there will be a series of prints by Podgy Panda and Cris Rose starting in March, and that's just the beginning! The person behind FUGI.me is JazzyDan, who brings 19+ years of experience in the print industry, along with 3 years experience in the Art Toy scene, to make sure these are both superb in quality, and fantastic designs. Head on over HERE now to get a glimpse of things to come, and be on the lookout for the first drop to happen in the next few days!

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