ANDROID Series 3?!?!?

You read it right folks... Android Series 3 is upon us and DKE Toys is now taking pre-orders for this, what seems to be, EPIC series! Now why would I say that without seeing any designs... well just look at the artist line up: Google, Andrew Bell, Gary Ham, Huck Gee, KaNO, MAD, KRONK, Kelly Denato, Scott Tolleson and Sket One... AWESOME right?!?! According to our source, unlike Series 1 and 2 there will only be one production run of Series 3, and it will be the only full artists series released this year, and at just $8 per blind box... you can't go wrong! I am sure designs will start popping up very soon, and until then... all we have is that flyer above to marinate on!

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