Kidrobot goes glossy with "Lustre" Labbit's

At first glance... I thought these were being made by the folks over at MAQET, but no, it appears that Kidrobot has taken a hankering to the gloss finish and are releasing these 10" luscious Labbit's from Frank Kozik! One thing that is not mentioned is what these are made from... I know they have done a few glossy Dunny's in the past... I guess since it's Kidrobot, they are roto-vinyl with a super highgloss spray finish, but man do they look like porcelain or MAQET's own 3D printing concoction Plastin! Either way I really am digging the gloss finish... and wonder what they are going to apply it to next! They are set to release for $60 each and come in Black, White, and Red... and with each shiny Labbit comes a very nice matte cigarette. Look for these to hit store shelves on January 12th 2012! What do you all think?

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