Johnny Cupcakes Toys Are Here!

First spotted at New York Comic Con 2011, and released in very limited quantity... apparel giant Johnny Cupcakes has announced that they have just put up their mascot aka "Big Kid" in their online store for public consumption! This very robust 5.5" vinyl figure comes in three different colorways: The Big Kid "Classic" which retails for $35, the "NYCC Glow In The Dark" which retails for $100, and the blank "DIY" white version for $30. Now I believe the "GID NYCC" edition is limited to just 225 pieces... but it still seems like $100 is a little much for that, on the other hand, the "Classic" and "DIY" are priced pretty well. Snag these figures up HERE now!

Also up for grabs are their cool looking cupcake "Crossbones Toys". These 2" tall vinyl collectibles come blind-boxed and are available in 10 flavors... and by flavors Scents as they all smell :-) They include: Marshmallow, Blueberry, Citrus, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Grape, Green Apple, Bubblegum, and Banana. Some scents more rare to collect than others but at just $10 a pop... you can buy up a few to try your luck! Get some HERE.

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