"Ji Ja bird" from Mr. Clement

Ahhhh a breath of fresh air... just looking at the above new figure from Mr Clement, really makes me step back and appreciate the designer toy scene... and how simplistic an object can be, yet evoke so much. This is totally the feeling I get when I look at the new "Ji Ja bird" which is a new character from Mr Clement's comic - Ji Ja café - and as the story goes, "this pair of little birds are only able to speak "Ji" and "Ja", they are exploring the world between frames, carrying a mysterious message in the tiny envelope to someone who is waiting for it and like every journey there are stories to tell on the way." There are 2 colors available to purchase, yellow and white, and each 3.2" tall figure comes with a small paper open envelope (2cm X 1.2 cm) that fits into the mouth of figure. They are 3 jointed figures, arms and neck... and every single one has a limited edition number of 300 pieces. If these are like Mr. Clement's other releases they will sell out fast, and seeing as they are only $35 each... I can almost guarantee they will sell out fast! They can be picked up HERE right now, and are going to be available at most designer toy retail locations worldwide!

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