Frank Schaefer's "Vinyl Rorschach" 2012 Calendar

Christmas 2011 came and went... and if you are like me you are always on the hunt for that perfect calendar for next year... well look no further because photographer Frank Schaefer and the Toy Art Gallery are releasing a 2012 Calendar called “Vinyl Rorschach the Photographs of Frank Schaefer”. As a follow up to his 2011 calendar, this new year brings 13 months of brand new urban vinyl photographs, in Frank's own unique style of whacky off center Photos. This calendar is a ton of fun and it includes 90+ birthdays of your favorite Lowbrow Artists, 200+ Birthdays of your favorite Pop Icon Celebrities, 470+ Holidays you’ll wonder how you ever got by without celebrating, and if you act right now you’ll get over 130+ Famous & Historic Events so you’ll never forget the Alamo again. The best part... there’s 3 ways to get one of these! First, Frank has listed them on EBay HERE. Second, you can contact Frank directly via Frank@Frank2020.com and he’ll sign it and throw in a couple of 6x9 Postcards, Last but not least, Toy Art Gallery at 7571 Melrose Ave, Hollywood, CA has them in stock! All of these spots are retailing this rad new calendar for $20 each... so do yourself a favor and snag one up!

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