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Cris Rose's "Xmas" Bits n Bytes... resin robo sets!!!

The holidays are almost here, and UK based artist Cris Rose is helping us all get in the festive spirit by releasing a very special, limited edition, series of his 'Bits n Bytes' resin robos. This special Xmas release comes in two tempting flavors - a 3 Pack of worn red and silver bots that include 2 Bits and 1 Byte, or a special 2 Pack of Copper/Gold leaf bots that include 1 Bit and 1 Byte. While the ribbon colors may vary, the fun doesn't, and at 1-1.5" tall, these hand-cast, hand-painted bots are perfect for your Christmas tree... or your designer toy shelf!! All bots are randomly packed, but the Bit/Byte distribution is certain... and keep in mind that all the photos you see above are examples, there are 8 bots possible and all packs are random assortments... so it's truly a holiday surprise! The packs are available HERE right now for just $29 a piece, so go grab up a few sets before they sell out!

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