"Alphabot" twitter contest from MIMOBOT

Remember that awesome Twitter contest (posted HERE) that Mimoco did a few years back where they offered up a ton of FREE Mimobot USB flash drives... well they are at it again, but this go around it's a new set of rules for a brand new game they are calling 'Alphabot' and entering is a breeze! Alphabot is the MIMOBOT Alphabet game where, for 26 days (one for each letter of the alphabet!), a new MIMOBOT flash drive, up to 32GB, will be given away daily. Not only are MIMOBOT prizes up for grabs, but a group of one to seven MIMOBOTs representing the Letter of the Day (LOTD) will also be offered at great 24 hour flash sale prices! Alphabot will feature every in-stock MIMOBOT as a prize and on sale on one of the 26 days. Wanna enter... check out the rules!
  • STEP 1: Follow @mimobot on Twitter (your account may not be private so we can track the #playAlphabot hashtag).
  • STEP 2: Each day of the ALPHABOT MIMOBOT® Promotion on or around 09:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST), Mimoco will tweet the Letter of the Day (LOTD) and reveal the assortment of MIMOBOT flash drives on sale for the next 24 hours, which are also eligible for that day’s prize.
  • STEP 3: At any time during the 24 hour period starting at 09:00 PM EST and ending at 08:59 PM EST the next day, tweet a message to @mimobot by filling in the blank of the following sentence: “I would ___ for a 32GB @mimobot right now! #playAlphabot” using any word starting with the Letter of the Day (please capitalize the LOTD and do not use quotes around your entry).
Some super simple rules, and a fun way to get you all involved with this crazy social media phenomenon :-) For more info you can visit the official promotion page HERE, and most importantly be sure to follow @Mimobot on twitter to start playing!

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