THUG 'StormHammer' vinyl figures

A while back we posted up some post-apocalyptic looking vinyl figures called "T.H.U.G." created by Unison Lab of Chile... it looks like they have been busy creating more new characters in their ever expanding universe and they have just announced the new "THUG-SH" STORMHAMMER, coming to us in both the 'RED FURY UNIT' and the 'DIY BLACK UNIT '! This great looking bionic figure is a "Strategic Member "vehicle" of extreme conflict. Is a mixed from patrol -tank vehicle for protection and defense of forest areas. Specially Designed for combats against eco terrorist missions. This member can work driven by THUG-GY 01 and also to work in an autonomous way for strategy combat missions. It possesses Lethal weapons and tools specialized for extreme combat in terrain." It measures 8" tall and is made from soft 100% ECO-FRIENDLY VINYL. It has 2 points of articulation, and comes with an enclosed swappable handset... DRILL, ROBOT HAND PILLS, and HAMMER! The DIY version is $90, and the Red version is just $100. Look for these to be released in most all designer toy stores! Oh, and if you are a retailer, they can be ordered directly through DKE toys.

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