"Taxiderm-eevee" creation by A Little Stranger

Many of you know the super talented Holly S. aka A Little Stranger for her adorable Cavey plush designs, but what some of you may not realize is that she is a super talented customizer as well and above is proof of just that! She was recently asked to be in the upcoming "Beware the Tall Grass" show, which going down on November 18th 2011 at Kidrobot London, and for said show she created an awesome creature called "Taxiderm-eevee"! This little love lump stands 20" tall and is a a one-off piece of rogue taxidermy, made form scratch using wood, faux furs, wire and acrylic. All his fur has been trimmed and painted by hand to give a realistic finish. As the story goes "Imagine if our favourite Japanese characters were real and lived among us? Taxiderm-eevee is a piece of rogue taxidermy, exploring what it would be like if one of my favorite characters, Eevee, were a real animal that had been captured and preserved for future generations. Imagine what we could learn from this fascinating creature!"... and how creepy cool did this turn out, I would love to have this guy chillin in my studio... then again, he kinda gives me the chills!

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