Shig x Tara McPherson - "Zombie Ice Baby" NagNagNag Black Friday release!!!

Not that this needs any promotion at all... because they always sell out sooooooooo fast, Tara McPherson and her gallery Cotton Candy Machine has teamed up with Shig creator of the awesomely disgusting NagNagNag vinyl figure to release a very special "Zombie Ice Baby" colorway. This blue figure with Cotton Candy pink highlights is set to go up for sale on November 25th, 2011 9pm-10pm. There are only 5 dolls for sale, so just like all the Nag releases they will be holding a lottery to purchase them at Cotton Candy Machine on Black Friday!!!! So good luck, and may the best man/woman walk away victorious!

Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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