*RECAP* Designer-Con 2011... what a great time!!!

It's already been 2 days since Designer-Con 2011 has wrapped up and boy do I miss it! One of the many things that I do every year is think that I can get away from the booth to take photos and do "regular" con coverage... and seeing as we did giveaways every other hour this year unlike every hour in the past years, I thought I could swing this... I was wrong! I pretty much had very little time to make it around to any booths, and for those of you running booths know what I am talking about... so I have finally come to terms with this and the photos and recap for the convention will just have to suffice. I did however have a FANTASTIC time, and I would say that all of the artists that were represented at our booth would feel the same way.

The convention was the biggest it has ever been... a constant flow of traffic, and ton of sales... which is a must for our scene to keep moving on, one thing I do hope for in the future for this convention is that it moves towards a preview night or into two full days... I think it's time! Just like the past years, we had giveaways at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm and we handed out some AMAZING stuff this year donated by so many awesome companies including DKE, Super7 Time Bandits, Tenacious Toys, Plaseebo, Kidrobot, Fugitive Toys, Round 5, Nemo, Bad Applez Inc., Lift, Lulubell Toys, Grody Shogun, Kuso Vinyl, TSURT, Artransmitte, ESC Toys, Art Attack Toys, Dragatomi, La Muerta, Smash Tokyo Toys, TYO Toys, iCovers4u, Toy2R, JazzyDan, Blacklist Studios and many others... and all the people who stuck around till the end... I salute you, thanks for making this con super special!
At our booth we also had on display customs by a ton of artist including: 2BitHack, Nebulon5, Jay222, DrilOne, Nathan Hamill, Motorbot, Eckotyper, Ardabus Rubber, Josh"f+"Pearce, Leecifer, ValleyDweller, Plastic Booty and many others! We also brought back our life-sized SS.com mascot to the event, and please post up photos on Facebook and tag us in there :-) Please be sure to hit the jump for a full photo run down of our booth, and watch the video above which shows off the world's biggest "blind-box" time, as well as Scott Wilkowski's "Infected" resin showcase! Thanks again to all who came out... and I am already planning for next go around!!!!

Around the convention...

All the winners from the SS.com raffle!

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