Kidrobot x Skullcandy - Designer headphones

We recently saw Kidrobot team up with Swatch to release a really great series of Dunny/Watch combos, and it must have gone over good because Kidrobot has just announced another crossover collaboration with Skullcandy, an awesome designer headphone company! In true Kidrobot fashion they are not just putting their logo on things and calling it good, they are releasing two sets... one of which comes with a cool chrome plated Dunny.

The first set dubed "Kidrobot Agent Pop-art" is a bright vibrant blue and white with a pop of magenta, the Kidrobot Agent boasts a leather and suede headband, brushed aluminum and plastic headphone, and leather cable with gold plated plug for $59.95. Now the second set is the one collectors are going to be gunning for, dubbed "Kidrobot Mix Master"! This is limited to only 1000 pieces worldwide, and is accompanied by exclusive “chrome” 3-inch “jacked-up” Dunny, with decorative jack in the face. The headphones feature plush soft touch ear pillows, shatterproof construction, one-touch mute and duel channel cue control, interchangeable deejay cable and cable inputs, and stashable 3-piece foldable design... but the one thing about this set is that it's $299.99, a big price jump, but the headphones seem to be much better! So which one are you going to be getting? I am interested in hearing the sound quality in them personally.

Source [Kidrobot Press]

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