"Clifford the Werewolf" custom Foomi by Podgy Panda

Check out this really cool custom that Richard K. aka Podgy Panda recently created for Sneaky Raccoon's 5th anniversary show at KR LDN (which went down last Friday). Richard tells us that "I wanted to create a scenario for Clifford, the peanut butter and jelly eating werewolf, which tells the story of his demise. If you look at the silhouette of the wolf pack, it's in the shape of a claw, ready to pounce on wee Clifford." How fun right?!?! He even wrote a poem to go along with he story... and it's on the tombstone for all to read! The custom is still available on the shows online store over HERE, and do keep in mind that 50% the proceeds from his custom will go towards the Macmillian Cancer Support... a worthy cause indeed! Great stuff pandaman!

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