Brent Nolasco's "Fallen" custom 'Aleppin Sane' for Art Basel is everything but "Sane"...

...because, it's insane!!!! Just look at the above custom 'Aleppin Sane' originally created by Plastic City/Jermaine Rogers that Brent Nolasco completely disemboweled -for lack of better terms- and turned it into an awesome custom piece! This, to my own knowledge, is the very first fully customized 'Aleppin Sane'... and I gotta say that Brent did it justice! Brent used the base vinyl figure as well as Ave's Sculpt, Leather, Wire, Found Objects, and Acrylic Paint to transform this into what you see above. I love the added ribcage, and bones, and check out the rabbits face -still intact- sitting on top of the skull... almost as if it were a mask... EPIC!!! Brent completed this for the upcoming Art Whino show that is going to be on display/sale at Art Basel 2011 on December 1st-4th in Florida! This piece, plus so many more will be up for grabs, so if you are going to Basel... LUCKY YOU!!!

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