Squadt! - GERM S001

The time has finally come... and how stoked are all you Squadt fans about this release?!?! Ferg just announced that the highly anticipated SQUADT "GERM S001" is set to drop on Monday, October 31 at HERE 12:00 Noon CST in an edition of 200 for just $95! So what makes this figure different then the other Squadts... well it is the debut of the new 2.0 articulated (originally posted HERE)... which lends to some awesome playability/poseability with the figure! GERM s001 stands 6" tall and is made from vinyl, ABS and cloth and this version comes with: suit and tie, nylon sling bag, .50 sniper rifle with scope and operable bi-pod, sMK23 'sqocom' pistol, 2.0 articulated and 'classic' arms and removable helmet... oh, and 100% bad ass'ness :-) Don't miss out on this drop folks, because at 200 pieces, it will sell out!

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