Solid maple Marshall's... round 4... release?!?!?

That's right folks... a quick update from the folks over at 64 Colors as they just updated their Flickr site with the above photo showcasing their SOLID MAPLE MARSHALL project! We have been following this pretty closely and it's so cool to see it come to fruition... now lets get down to the details! According to Eric, the above photo is showing the prototypes as they are going to get smaller arms on the Big Marshall, as well as a fix to some laser issues... but they are almost done! These will be very limited, 10 of each infact, and the big version will retail for $425 and $125 for the small. Eric goes on to say that "Each one is hand made from a solid piece of maple. The heads are attached by dowel and rotate. The arms on the large version (approx. 7" tall and 3lbs) are attached by dowels and move also. The graphics are laser etched and each Marshall is hand-sanded and then coated with Tongue oil to preserve the wood and enhance the grain." What an awesome piece to be had by all Marshall collectors... the question is will you get one? Look for these to drop very soon via their online store HERE!

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