'RABBIDS' jump into Designer Toys with "EEERZ"

Ubisoft just announced the upcoming release of a new collection of vinyl toys called "EEERZ"... which by the way are inspired by the video game 'Raving Rabbids'. Produced by Artoyz, EeerZ are for hardcore fans of the Rabbids brand, or for anyone who likes designer collectibles, or is simply an admirer of deformed humanoid looking rabbits :-)

This new collection designed and manufactured by Ubisoft comes in two version... both of which stand 11" tall and come in wither the all white Do It Yourself version for $55, or a really cool Velvet/flocked version which is available in 5 different colors which will retail for $90 each! The Do It Yourself and Velvet toys will be available via Artoyz retailer's network and Artoyz shops on October, 20th 2011! For more information, hit the link HERE.

Source[Artoyz Press]

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