NYCC 2011: Shawnimals

Plush was present at NYCC 2011 this year, and thanks to Shawn Smith and his awesome brand Shawnimals, so were copious amounts of ninjas and mustaches :-) If you ever want to meet a guy who is always positive and has branded and entire universe around his illustrations... you gotta meet Shawn. His booth is sooooo full of color and wonderful characters, each one having a story, that you could spend hours looking over all the amazing product on display. One great thing that really stood out at his booth for me was the line up of his N.O.T.M. (ninja of the month) plush series all in one place... and how great they all look as a series... seriously cool! I also hit up Shawn to sketch my 'Stroll' mascot, and to the left you can see the result... EPIC!!! I think he should be included in the Shawnimals universe now :-) Hit the jump for more photos.

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