NYCC 2011: Our trip to Sucklord's "Sucklair"

What would a trip to New York be without stopping by to see Sucklord's "Sucklair"... incomplete, that's what, and thankfully we were invited over to check out this resin workshop... where all the magic happens if you will! It all started with multiple subway rides after the convention let out on Sunday night, following Sucklord's caped arch nemesis 'Vectar' around the streets of Chinatown... as he claimed to know where the secret laboratory was. Next thing I knew, I had been hit on the back of the head, and woke up dazed to find myself inside this amazing space!

Upon gaining all my senses back, I was completely overwhelmed with all that was going on... the walls, floor, and ceiling held enough visual stimuli to keep a bored man occupied for weeks, and that would be just the first layer of "stuff". Filled with graffiti, resin splattered everywhere, chachkies of yesteryear (or inspiration as I like to call em') the studio is really pretty small, but accommodating in the same vein as this is one-man's "office"... where he comes to 'Do Work', and you can tell the hustle and grind goes down for sure! I loved that I was able to get a peek into this workspace, all the spent silicone molds, all the rejects, the projects underway, oh and did you notice the wizard on the wall?!?!? As the night grew longer, we were joined by the likes of fellow artists Uncle Dave, Buff Monster, J*Ryu, L’amour Supreme, Skinner and others... which turned into an evening of laughs, adult beverages, and serious talks about carrots! If you feel like taking a visual trip inside as well, hit the jump to see pictures... and a huge thanks to Sucklord for allowing this to happen!

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