NYCC 2011: Marka27

Marka27 attended NYCC 2011 this year to promote the release of his Bic Plastics "Black Buddha" Asia minigod... and we had previously posted that both the 6" version and the 15" version would be available at the con... well do to some unseen circumstances at the factory, the 15" version was the only one there, but man did it look good! I caught Marka at the Toy Tokyo booth signing and sketching for fans... and right by his side was the 15" Asia minigod blasting some music! The new figure retailed for $160 each and is made of vinyl and has 3 points of articulation! Enclosed in this beast is the inner workings of some great sound! It comes with a mini Jack cable, USB adapter, 2.5 Hour rechargeable Lithium Battery, ON and OFF Switch, LED lights... along with some serious style! Marka also hit up the Art Whino booth for a few days where he did some live painting... all in all it was a great show for him! Look for the new Asia minigod's to drop in your local designer toy shop very soon!

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