Max Toy Company "Kaiju Negora" & "Mini Kaiju Drazorus" release

How about a little Max Toy Company news... dropping today, Friday October 21st 2011 are a few new products from Max Toy Co.! First up is the first fully painted USA edition of the Konatsu x Max Toy "Kaiju Negora" figure! Each is cast in white vinyl by Master Vinyl Caster Shimizu-san and hand painted in Japan. This comes in 2 pieces, Kaiju Negora and Big Fish! Negora is 3.5"x2.5"x2", and Big Fish 3"x1"x1"... you can snag them up for $40! Up next is the super cool looking Mount Kobo x Max Toy "Mini Kaiju Drazorus"!!! This Kaiju Drazorus figure is hand painted to perfection by Japanese Master artist Tsutomu Masuyama and he measures 4.5"x2.75"x3". Each is cast in Flesh vinyl by Master Vinyl Caster Shimizu-san... and can be picked up for $40 as well! You can find them both HERE starting tomorrow... so don't sleep on this release, they will sell out!

Source[MaxToy Press]

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