"MADame L. DuJour and her pets Krackalacka and Foomer" custom by D.Ross "Scribe" and Alisa Ross

The super talented husband and wife team of D.Ross "Scribe" and Alisa Ross are at it once again, and this go around they completed an amazing set of customs using a 10" MAD*L, and 2 Munnyworld figures. Scribe put his amazing painterly skills to work on these 3 pieces and Alisa put the ribbon on top, so to speak, with the awesome fabric/plush accessories... really pushing this set over the top in awesomeness! Titled "MADame L. DuJour and her pets Krackalacka and Foomer" I absolutely love the way each figure turned out, especially the facial expressions, and according to Scribe "some in Kansas City say she is a fashion icon... others say she always craves attention, you can be the judge". These pieces just prove that these two artist are at the top of their game... so keep you eyes peeled for more from them as they are always churning out amazing work! Hit the jump for more pictures!

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