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100% wooden "Woots!" from Chip Thompson

More wood... and why not... seems to be that kinda day and artist Chip Thompson is excited to announce his first art toy called "Woots!", which are made 100% of genuine hardwoods. Oh, and who better to team up with on a project that involves wood than Pepe Smallstuff, the man behind "Arborobots", "WoodSprites", "HeartWoods", and other awesome collectible wooden toys! Chips tells us that "I've been a professional graphic designer for nearly 25 years. This year, I finally took the plunge and started a toy company called Box Rebellion... and designed these fun little guys as a quirky, 3-dimensional nod to chat culture...specifically, the acronyms that have made their way into our modern language." These new figures look really nice and are currently in deep production... so there is no specific release date yet, but when the time comes all pertinent info will be post up here! I am really looking forward to seeing more... what fun little creations!

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