New HazMaPo series by UNKL

Well this is the first time we have seen the brand new Hazmapo line from UNKL in full production form (og seen as vector HERE) and it appears that the guys over at Mintyfresh have all 3 up for pre-order now! These new, much larger in size, Hazmapo's are now being manufactured by Toynami... and I gotta say they are awesome! Above you see the new models D1-503 (red), D1-600 (green), and D1-5400 (gray)... all measuring a formidable 6" tall and limited to just 300 pieces each! These are set to release starting the first part of November, 2011 and will most likely retail for around the $55 price range! I love me some UNKL and can't wait to get my hands on these, and if you are like me, go pre-order your set HERE now!

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