Industria Mechanika announces new project: Chompbot #5

Industria Mechanika has really been gathering steam quickly lately, and with some great talent coming on board fast. I'm pleased to see such great works in development from this little company as their work so far has been very cool and high quality. While we mostly cover vinyl toys here I can't help but love a good resin model kit and am excited to see this market growing in the US, where traditionally it's only been big in Japan. Industria Mechanika just announced today a new collaboration with Jake Parker, their first work will be the the Chompbot #5 shown above. Word is that the resin model kit will be 1:35 scale with pilot measuring approx 2 inch, and the Chompbot approximately 8 in tall. Very exciting indeed. I can't wait to see this thing when Michael gets into prototyping it up. No word on pricing yet but we'll be keeping a eye out for this one.

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