"The Scribe" Mini-Qee by Jon-Paul Kaiser

YES!!!!! Getting info on some releases just makes my day... and today is a perfect example of this as Toy2R just revealed the newest release from Jon-Paul Kaiser, the 5" Mini Qee Toyer titled "The Scribe". We posted up the teaser banner of this HERE about a month ago, but it really did not prepare us for what was revealed today as that figure looks extremely cool! As the story is told "Kept alive by unatural magic, incantations he has engraved upon himself - into his very bones. Lifetimes of work, collected knowledge and forgotten lore. He guards his power jealously. He is The Scribe." Debuting in October in the Toy2R / Tenacious Toys booth at NYCC, the Scribe will be limited to only 500 pieces, and will retail for just $28... oh and Jon-Paul Kasier will be on hand at the booth signing and sketching for fans... RAD!!!!

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